Finally, a salon created with you and your health in mind.

Styling skills and organic products. Our vision is to offer both, never compromising health for beauty or beauty for health. We use 100% pure, certified organic henna hair color, with no heavy metals, along with being the only salon in Spokane that uses Organic Color Systems-hair color that is truly ammonia free, and made with certified organic ingredients and rich in nutrients.  We do our research on every product in our salon before we offer them to you.

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Kristen Fuller

Owner + Stylist




Kristen Fuller is a licensed hair and skin expert of 20 years. She is also a wholistic skin and body rejuvenist and certified aromatherapist. She began her journey into wellness after the birth of her daughter and a car accident that left her battling pain and depression . In 1997, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and realized she needed to change her lifestyle.  An advocate of the Makers Diet, her daily use of whole foods, essential oils and prayer has allowed her to live in complete wellness. Her passion to learn and help others has transformed her work from Beauty to Wellness.