#1 ingredient to avoid : Silicones

(aka Dimethicone, or anything ending in “-cone” on the label)

Why saying goodbye to silicones is the key to great skin

Silicones are in almost every skincare product on the market, yet we don’t often hear about them. However, this one ingredient is oftentimes singlehandedly responsible for a whole lot of problems when it comes to not only skincare, but hair as well. Considered “natural” by the beauty industry, silicones are derived from sand and act as a smoothing agent in beauty products (creating that slippery/silky feeling you get in conditioners and moisturizers). Notice the caulk in your bathroom, around the sink and bathtub. That’s the exact same ingredient used in these products. Unfortunately, even most “organic/natural” beauty products also contain silicones, as they are cheap to manufacture and are an easy way for companies to increase profits.

Although not considered toxic in the beauty industry, silicones are a nano-particle ingredient, meaning they sink into the skin quickly, and deeply, acting as a carrier for many other toxic ingredients to enter into the bloodstream. This is cause for concern, especially for those struggling with  health issues. One of the reasons this is so detrimental for the body is primarily because silicones act as a sealant on the skin, inhibiting the body’s natural detoxification process. This means that as we ingest toxins through our food, environment or medications, the body can no longer rid itself as effectively of toxins-which would naturally be pushed out of the skin. This puts a heavy burden on the body, as it starts to store the toxins it can’t get rid of.  Over time, they take their toll on the body, often manifesting as outward symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, and even diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Once sealed by silcones, the skin is cut off from moisture entering in, meaning dry/dehydrated skin and premature aging and wrinkles. Silicones also have a history of breaking down the skin. So, even from a strictly aesthetic point of view, it isn’t pretty.

If you want supple, beautiful skin, silicones are not the answer. While they may make your skin feel good for a time, the long term side effects are just not worth it. Say goodbye to this one ingredient, and you will be on your way to supple, radiant skin. And, since silcones are always accompanied by other toxic chemicals, you will also avoid many other harmful ingredients along the way, paving the way for beauty and health.