This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a client who’s long hair was driving her nuts (know the feeling?) and she was ready to “cut it all off”. She asked me if I would cut it short so that she didn’t have to deal with it anymore, as it’s unruly and coarse texture is getting the better of her.

Dealing with the same scenario? Here are a few things to consider before taking the scissor plunge.


The rule of thumb is this: short hair is strong hair. Translation: if you have an already unruly/coarse/frizzy texture, cutting it shorter will only magnify that. I’m all for going short, just be aware that you will likely have to put a little (or a lot, depending on your hair type) more time and effort into styling, and possibly even need to use more product as well. On the flip side, if you tend to have fine hair, a short cut can be a dream, making hair look thicker and more substantial. Which brings me to my next point…


Another consideration to be made is how thick or thin your hair is. If you have extremely fine hair, going short can sometimes accentuate that (depending on the length), making the hair appear even thinner. If it is extremely thick or coarse, you may feel like you have a “Q-Tip” on your head, as some of my clients fondly refer to it as. Generally, very thin hair should neither be too short or too long; too short revealing the thinness, and too long weighing it down with the potential for that “stringy” look. Both are not ideal, imo. On the other hand, short hair can be an especially great fit for those with medium thickness, curly, and straight hair.


If your M.O. is to hop out of bed in the morning and pull your hair back into a ponytail, then you may want to rethink going short. Short hair generally needs to be styled. every. morning. The upside? Short hair = less hair to style in the morning and less dry time after you shower. Just know that short hair will need some extra attention, and, if it decides not to cooperate that morning, you can’t default to a pony AND you will be forced to spend a little extra time in the bathroom. But, then again, what’s a little extra time in el bano when the trade-off is having a hairstyle you truly enjoy?