K Salon’s unparalleled integrity with product is only matched by our expert stylists.


Finally, an organic salon created with you and your health in mind.



K Salon Organic at a glance

Organic Color:


We use 100% pure professional grade henna hair color, with no heavy metals, along with being the only salon in Spokane that uses Organic Color Systems – hair color that is truly ammonia free, made with certified organic ingredients and rich in nutrients.

Pure Products:

We do our research to find products that are loyal to holistic beauty and not just a marketing pitch. All of our products are formulated with the finest authentically organic ingredients and zero chemicals. We believe that beauty and health go hand in hand, and that you shouldn’t have to compromise one for the other.

Skilled Stylists:

Every experience at K Salon is a well thought-out process of the highest skills and best products. Each stylist goes through an apprenticeship program of at least 250 hours, to hone their skills and give every client only the best in hair cutting and coloring services. Advanced education is key in what we do here at K Salon, and truly sets us apart from every other salon.

Health Hub:

We love to learn, and love to share. At K Salon our stylists are passionate about clean living and beauty, which is why we have an in-house list of wellness referrals. So, whether you’re looking for a great naturopath, chiropractor or massage therapist, we’ve got you covered!